Welcome to Athens Counseling Center

Athens Counseling Center provides individual and couples counseling to adults who want to feel better and improve their lives. Too often, people struggle silently with feeling “not good enough”, anxious, depressed, or unsatisfied in their relationships. Athens Counseling Center specializes in compassionate care to help clients feel their best.

About Susanna Rains Moriarty, LPC, CRC

People come to me feeling overwhelmed, confused, nervous, frustrated, and worn out. I provide compassionate, open-minded support to my clients during painful transitions, help them gain clarity, develop coping tools, improve communication skills, and engage in a more peaceful way of living. Couples come to me feeling disconnected, resentful, and unsure of how to get their relationship back on a loving track. I help partners learn new, effective ways to communicate. I also explore long-standing patterns that affect current functioning in the relationships. I build on couples’ strengths to help them find a fun, passionate, and intimate way of living. Parents come to me feeling heartbroken and confused by their interactions with their children. I help parents identify and heal their own childhood wounds so that they can parent in a whole and grounded way.

My area of expertise is counseling individuals, couples, and families affected by catastrophic injury, traumatic brain injury, illness, and other medical issues. My experience as a counselor with the Shepherd Center in Atlanta has enabled me to help people respond thoughtfully and calmly to crisis and harness their resilience and ability to cope. My other specialties include divorce recovery, couples counseling, hypnosis, depression, anxiety, addiction, weight loss, and adjustment to life transitions.